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Inuyasha Stories

Shikon no Tama

"And when, on the still cold nights, he pointed his nose at a star and howled long and wolflike, it was his ancestors, dead and dust, pointing nose at star and howling down through the centuries and through him."
--Jack London, "Call of the Wild"

The Birth of a Son

A side story to The White Dog. Lord Seibunishi's new half-human child makes quite an impact upon his arrival--but none so big as on the White Daimyo's oldest son. Sesshomaru meets Inuyasha for the first time. (Complete) (Click here for production notes.)

The Love of A Child

Has Sesshoumaru always hated Inuyasha? Or was there a time when they were... brothers? A side-story/sequel to Birth, also known as Dandelion, written by Roku Kyu. Thanks for the gift fic, Roku! ^_^

The Fall of a Prince

Another side story to TWD. Enraged at his open defiance, Lady Yukishima disowns Sesshomaru, throwing him out of the only inheritance he had left since his father's new heir was born. In desperation, Sesshomaru turns to his father, but finds nothing left for him there. The new heir has usurped him as prince and as son. In grief and rage, Sesshomaru lashes out in one final attempt to find his place. Denied by his clan and ignored by his father, the only thing Sesshomaru has left is the unconditional love of his baby brother. But will the greedy schemes of a wicked mother deny him even this one precious treasure? (Chapter 1)

The Death of a King

*Coming Soon!* The last in the side story series! Threats to the lives of his mate and youngest son have forced Lord Seibunishi to hide them away in secret, where they live in peace for several years. However, the White Lord's mysterious death leaves the little family without its only protector--and someone has discovered their hiding place. This is the long-awaited tale of the murder of Lady Ayako and the disappearance of the heir to the Western Lands--the little prince of the White Clan, Inuyasha.

Dog Food

Just a little IY short story that takes place sometime before the events in The White Dog. (Complete)
Author's Note: It's a humorous little jaunt that you'll thank me for explaining in future chapters of TWD, because events here are mentioned in the big story! I just had no place to put it up there, so it's a standalone piece. At the end, is Kagome joking...or isn't she?

The White Dog

Inuyasha confronts his own kind in a battle for the right to his father's name. He must deal with conniving, powerful dog-demons and his own nightmare memories in a tale of love, lies, and intrigue as the past is brought to light and his father's honor is put at stake. Kouga, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo are all working to make his life miserable, while a mysterious female dog-demon is ready to risk it all--including Kagome's life--to possess him. (Chapter 30)

The Other Side of Real

*Coming Soon!* A Silver Fox Portal Challenge Fanfiction. When Inuyasha and Kagome are swept through a portal one day, they find themselves in a parallel world disturbingly similar to their own--yet quite different: A world where the Shikon Jewel is whole and the land is plunged into evil; where Inuyasha does not exist and Kikyo is dead while demons run free to torment mankind. A few inconsequential decisions in a moment of Inuyasha's bitter childhood have changed the entire outcome of the land--yet his parallel self's long-ago death in that world meant the survival of someone so very dear to him. Inuyasha will achieve a final reconcilliation and some new discoveries.

Dog Daze

Inuyasha the dog-demon and Ranma Saotome finally meet, and sparks fly! It's a prideful battle for supremacy that leaves Kagome Higurashi and Akane Tendo at their wits' end. Time-tunnel wells and cursed spring water are very volatile combinations! Will the Warring States' most fearsome half-demon and Nerima's most powerful martial artist become mortal enemies...or will they discover a friendship stronger than either has ever known?

The Last Goodbye

The Shikon Jewel is nearly complete. Kagome and Inuyasha begin to deal with the fact that their adventures will soon be over and decisions about their futures must be made. However, the final shards of the Jewel are held in the palm of a most evil hand--but it's not Naraku! The darkness in the land of the Warring States is growing restless, while Naraku gathers power for one final strike to claim the Jewel of Four Souls...and he has at his side the most powerful priestess of the era. It's a battle that Kagome and Inuyasha may not survive.
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"There is a wolf in me...fangs pointed for tearing gashes...a red tongue for raw meat...and the hot lapping of blood--I keep this wolf because the wilderness gave it to me and the wilderness will not let it go."
--Carl Sandburg, "Wilderness"

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